Friday, November 21, 2014

Free Printable Christmas Activity

I just created a free Christmas math matching activity for preschoolers or kindergarten students. You can download this free printable Christmas activity here. Be sure to visit my store for many more great Christmas printable crafts!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Giving Thanks to Teachers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chevrolet. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's Thanksgiving time, and who better to show thanks to than educators who serve students across America and beyond! Educators are some of the hardest working people that I know. And while they aren’t always compensated financially for their dedication and service, they do get some extra perks and special recognition during the holiday season!

I just loved getting special “thank you” notes and little gifts from my students. Last year one of my favorite “thank you” gifts was a hand painted platter that one of my kindergarten students made. She put her painted hand print in the middle of the platter and her mom wrote on it: “This little hand is reaching out to you, to say thank you for all that you do.” It was so precious and my favorite part was that she wrote all of the “sight words” that we had been studying around the border of the plate. Needless to say, I loved the gift and proudly display it in my home office.

Showing thanks is less about buying gifts and more about just showing that you care. Even a simple note, a kind word or homemade treat can mean so much to an educator!

Here are some cute ways to say “thank you” to someone in the field of education:

  • Buy a $5 gift card to Red Box and wrap it up with some favorite candy.
  • Offer to take over a teacher’s carpool duty or lunch duty at school. Teachers love having an extra break during the day to catch their breath.
  • Have your child make a homemade card and cookies. Simple gifts are often the best!

It means a lot to anyone who works in education to know that they are being recognized for their hard work. Even companies like Chevrolet are showing their special thanks to educators! Chevrolet is offering a special Educator Discount for all teachers and school employees. What educator wouldn’t love to drive a new Chevrolet Malibu or Equinox? Chevrolet seems to understand that educators and school employees are under appreciated and often tight on funds. Through September 2015, current employees of a public or private school, university or college are eligible to participate in the new Educator Discount program and receive a discount on the purchase or lease of a new 2015 or 2014 Chevrolet vehicle. How cool is that? Be sure to stop by their website Chevrolet’s Educator Discount to check out all the details. Thank you, Chevy for appreciating educators and their dedication to their students!8fa114af-64b0-4acc-9273-180a3ed250ae_zps37ac2d54

So what about you, how will you show your thanks to an educator this year? Leave a comment below and share your ideas!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you now have images of turkeys in your mind, with apple pie, sweet potatoes, corn cobs and vegetable salad on the side. However, aside from thinking about the foods that will be prepared during the event, you also need to think about decorative ideas and crafts for your thanksgiving party. This phase of the preparation process is a very good opportunity to bond with kids in the household. One way to do so is by allowing them to create thanksgiving crafts that can be displayed on Thanksgiving Day.

Here are 5 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts Ideas for Kids: 

Mod Mayflower

This can be done by cutting off a cup’s bottom, then cutting slits at the cup’s center edge. Afterward, you can place the cup with the bottom part up, to the center of the cup holder. Next, you can cut and prepare 2 rectangular shaped papers for every boat in order to make sails. Then, cut small slits at the center at the top and the bottom. Place stirrers on those slits. You can also choose to add a paper flag to finish the craft. 

Tabletop Turkey

First, find a paper cup and paint it brown. Then, turn it upside down, gluing a pompom on the top. This will serve as the turkey’s head. Then, prepare about nine leaf shapes with different colors, 4 inches each, and fold a piece of orange-colored construction paper in two, cutting a triangular shape from the folded paper. This will serve as the beak. Also, with the use of a 2 inch square that is folded in half, and cutting it into a heart shape, you are also creating the wattle of the turkey. 

Native Necklaces

This is perfect for wearing on Thanksgiving Day. First, you need to find a paper cup. Cut its top ring and punch two holes at the top of the ring, and another at the bottom. You can paint the ring with whatever color you find is suitable. Then, you can prepare a 20 inch cord or string. Attach 1 bead on both ends, creating a loop as you place the other end on the top hole. You can then continue on stringing more wooden beads to the cord until you notice that it has already formed a Y shape. Then, push two more cords on the center hole, and adding a single bead in order to keep the bead in place. You may also opt to attach the feather to finish. 

Dixie Garland

You can use a Dixie cup for this project. Trace the cup to a decorative paper, and then placing a strip of tape on an end of the paper, wrapping paper on each of the 7 cups which may spell a word, say ‘Welcome.’ This is a good decoration that you can place somewhere visible for your visitors to see on the party day. 

Feather Place Mats

If you do not want to see the traditional placemats in your dining table, you may opt for this type of craft. Start by tracing the biggest plate on scrapbook papers. Then, you can cut out the circles, gluing feathers along its edges while leaving the center blank. The space will be where the plates will be used.
Do you need ready to use printable Thanksgiving craft? Check out my Thanksgiving Craft Activities here!

A Great Reminder!

What a great visual reminder to engage our students as much as possible in learning! Get your kiddos up and moving as they learn! How do you keep your students actively involved in learning? Share your idea or tip in the comments below!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Creating Memories with Christmas Crafts 
Christmas time is family time; it creates wonderful experiences for the family. One way you could make it happen is to create and enjoy happy memories with your kids.

Five Easy to Do Christmas Crafts for Kids

Instead of buying ready-made Christmas crafts, create wonderful bonding moments with your kids by helping them create their own unique Christmas piece – items that they could be proud of and make as their own. Here are five easy to make handicrafts that you can do with your kids while having best time with them.

Sun Dazzlers for your Christmas tree

What You Need:

·         Cookie cutter (preferably Christmas tree shape)

·         Felt paper (green)

·         Plastic beads (whatever your preferred color is )

·         Green felt

·         Hole Punch

·         Glue

·         Ribbon (for hanging)

1.      Using a cookie cutter, trace the shape of the tree onto the green felt.

2.      Cutout the traced shape and punch holes on it depending on where you want to place the ornaments.

3.      To place the beads onto the hole, fill it up with glue

4.      Let it dry. Hang the Christmas crafts on window sills

Personalized Christmas Stockings

What You Need:

·         White paper (9” x 12”)

·         Scissors

·         Glue

·         Crayons or Colored Pens

·         Glitters (preferably colored ones)

·         Ribbons (optional for hanging)

·         Stocking pattern (just optional)

1.      Your kids can use the stocking pattern to trace the shape on the paper. They could also just draw it on their own.

2.      Cut out the shape of the paper. 

3.      Before coloring and decorating the stocking with glitters, draw a line on the top. There should be a white space on it.

4.      Let them use their imagination and decorate the stocking.

5.      Once they are done, ask them to write their name on the top. You can hang it or just placed it on the wall. Doing this will remind them that this is their own unique Christmas crafts.

Christmas Tags

What You Need:

·         Colored or white paper (preferably 8” x 11”)

·         Ruler

·         Pens

·         Colored Pens

1.      Using a ruler, divide the paper by at least six equal pieces.

2.      Cut the paper according to the drawn line

3.      Give your kid a piece and let them color and style it according to their taste

4.      Once it’s done, keep it and use it on Christmas gifts. Sharing this Christmas crafts with others gives your kids to give it their best shot

Christmas Cards

What You Need:

·         Paper (any kind)

·         Coloring Material

·         Any other decorating design you could get your hands on

1.      Give your kids the material and let them have it done their way. Help them if they need further assistance in terms of what message to write or for cutting materials. These staple Christmas crafts would encourage your kids’ creative side.

Shining Christmas tree Decors

What You Need:

·         Disposable aluminum plates

·         Scissors

·         Glitters (option)

·         Pencils

·         Hole Puncher

·         Red Ribbons for hanging

1.      Allow your kids to draw and trace varied Christmas symbols like the star, a tree or balls on the disposable aluminum plates.

2.      Guide them in cutting the shapes.

3.      If your kids would prefer to have shiny Christmas crafts, put glitter on it. Once it dries, punch hole on the top.

4.      Slip the ribbons inside the hole. Allow them to place their Christmas craft on the tree.

Final Thoughts on Creating Your Christmas Crafts

Sure, money can buy a lot nicer decorations and ornaments but if there is one thing that money could not buy are memories that you and your kids can share. The truth is that these Christmas crafts are one of the best ways to make your kids feel the festivities more. Do yourself a favor and let them have the time of their lives.

For more fun printable Christmas crafts visit my store and search my Christmas activities for kids !

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